Br. Rizwan Ali

Br. Rizwan Ali completed his Post graduate studies in Human Resource Management from UK in 1996. He moved to United States in 2007 and started his own business from scratch and his company, NUR Metals, is regarded as a well-known & reputed company in the scrap metal industry.

Br. Rizwan’s father left the world in 2012, the sadness & sudden loss made him think that how can he benefit his father. One of the very respectable scholar suggested him to work in spreading knowledge and consider working for Sunday school.  In 2013, a Masjid in Orange county of Southern California was interested to start a Sunday school and Br. Rizwan became a founding member and joined the administrative team. Br. Rizwan had never taught any subject, so he was mainly involved with looking after administrative matters and helping to serve food to the children. In 2016, Br Rizwan and his wife, Sis Nausheen became a lead role of the school and discovered that the Quran department lacks a good system as well as good teachers. Unfortunately, they were unable to find much help due to lack of skilled teachers’ availability.

He planned in going for Umrah trip by end of Dec 2016, he decided to take this message with him to the Prophet Mosque and will seek his help. That’s where he discovered the Qaida Nuraniya system and as well opportunity for him to learn the Holy Quran. After returning, he started to implement this new system in the Sunday school and saw a great result. He received his Qaida Nuraniya Certification from Al Furqaan Group in 2018. Alhamodillah, Br. Rizwan has taken this noble cause beyond the Sunday school he worked in SoCal and now helping to produce more Quran teachers worldwide.

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