Our Story

Our Founder, Br. Rizwan’s journey towards perfecting his recitation started when he went to Umrah in December of 2016. 
While attending prayers in Masjid-al-Nabawi, he observed recitation circles before each prayer. One day he decided to join one of them. Nervous and anxious on how he would perform, he took the leap to recite with the Sheikh. When it was his turn, he didn’t get past Bismillah, before the Sheikh started making corrections to his pronunciation. Despite continuing to correct his mistakes, he was unable to get the right sound out. 
Demoralized, Br. Rizwan suggested this was not for him. However, the Sheikh insisted and asked him to buy a Qaida Nuraniyah book in the outside Bazaar and return with it after Isha Prayers; the Sheikh promised to spend time and go over the lesson. Br. Rizwan took the Sheikh up on his offer and return that evening with the Qaida Nuraniyah book and sat with the Sheikh. Once again, he recognized his pronunciation was not at par with the Sheikh and felt extremely discouraged and wanted to leave.
Br. Rizwan Ali on the left, and Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Karim on the right.
The Sheikh asked:
“Br.Rizwan, where are you right now?”
“I am in Madina, in the Masjid-e-Nabawi.”, he responded.
“Br. Rizwan, who is to your right?”
“Rasoollallah, PBUH”
“Br. Rizwan, Many people come to the mosque but not everyone gets a chance to be a student in the Prophet’s house, do you not accept this?”
That commenced the journey of perfecting his own recitation and he became a certified Qaida Nuraniya Instructor in 2018. Br. Rizwan is now helping others by sharing his knowledge and experiences. 
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