Sheikh MAK

Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Karim lives in Medina Munawinara. At the age of 13 he memorized the holy Qur’an. Once he was 17 he started to teach students in Masjid e Nabawi. In 2017 he received his Certification for Qaida Nuraniya from Al Furqaan Group. Mashallah he has over 500 students globally. He has over 260 hours of training in class management, class organizing, dealing with students, communications, putting structure of class. He has ijazah in 3 different Qir’ats, and speaks 4 different languages: English, Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu. 

See his highlights below. 

Learned Quran Tajweed from professional teachers from Masjid e Nabawi in below Qiraats.

حفص عن عاصم 

حفص بطريق قصر المنفصل

قالون عن نافع 

Studying right now.
ابن جماز عن أبي جعفر

ابن وردان عن أبي جعفر 

قنبل عن ابن كثيرالبزّي عن ابن كثير