Sister Fatima Abbas

Sister Fatima Abbas has a Bachelor’s in Commerce and learned Quranic Tajweed for 4 years in Saudi Arabia. She has extensive experience of teaching the Quran and its Tajweed to teachers and students. Her background includes training on “How to teach Quranic Tajweed rules”. In addition to all this, she has composed a basic tajweed book that acts as a resource that we do not have in English speaking countries. Her professional experience includes conducting workshops for teachers between 2010 – 2015. Since then she has been teaching Qaida Noorania and Tajweed at her local mosques and online. 

Her Highlights are below.

Major achievement; have Qu’ran Tajweed ijazaa’s and permission to teach & give ijaza in the following Qera’at (rewaayat): 

حفص عن عاصم 

شعبة عن عاصم 

ابن جماز عن أبي جعفر 

ابن وردان عن أبي جعفر 

قالون عن نافع